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Newborn photography Benidorm Altea

newborn photography

Newborn photography in Benidorm Altea

Newborn photography in Benidorm Altea

We are the newborn photography team in Benidorm Altea you need. Based in La Nucia, 10 minutes away from Benidorm and in the very center of La Nucia, with free parking within 50 meters from the studio, we will provide you with all the commodities to perform their first photography session.
The newborn photos are a great memory. Seeing those gestures, all of its details and, of course, that smile… Baby sessions are the most touching, without any doubt.
With a new family member, you will notice how new emotions emerge, new joys, new ways of feeling…

Maximum hygiene in the studio

We have a fully prepared studio for newborns. We have taken a lot of hygiene measures as exhaustive cleaning within sessions, use of sanitizer with continuous hand-washing during the sessions, we only allow close family in the studio during the session, plastic shoe socks, and deep sanitizing of all clothes and props used.
We accommodate the room temperature to be perfect for the baby. We have all the props needed for the session.
For us, your wellness and the comfort of the newborn is, above everything, our priority. We enjoy every single session we make.
For all of that, we put all of our passion and commitment. Every session is different and we take care of every detail so the resulting newborn photography will be unique, sweet, and original… Always looking out for your baby´s security and comfort.
The newborn sessions take between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the needs of the baby.
The most important thing to grant a successful session is the age of the baby. It has to have between 5 and 12 days. In this way, the newborn still has some flexibility that had in mommy’s belly and has a deeper sleep, letting us pose it in various ways.
Babys change very fast and grow without letting us notice, it’s worthy to have the best of the memories of the first days of your baby, and we love being a part of them!

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